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Sildenafil citrate, sold as Viagra, Revatio and under various other trade names, is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction (trouble having an erection). Helps a man have an erection or have a better erection with his penis during sex. Also treats pulmonary arterial hypertension (high blood pressure in the lungs) in both men and women.

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Different pharmacies

On the Internet you can find many different canadian pharmacies. The terms of purchase of drugs in them is almost always different. Some pharmacies require a prescription. Some sell drugs without a prescription. In some pharmacies you must register and confirm their identity. Others pay more attention to the anonymity of the client and do not require registration or documents.

How to PAY for goods

Today is the 21st century and payment products (drugs) on the Internet has ceased to be a complex problem. All online pharmacies offer many options for payment of their products. It can be as plastic credit and debit cards and various payment systems such as paypal or moneybookers. Recently gaining popularity of anonymous payment system BitCoin. Some pharmacies have already introduced in their payment gateways, the ability to pay crypto currency BitCoin.


As for the delivery, then in most cases delivery all pharmacies the same. Normally it is EMS or AIR MAIL. Very rare delivery is made by FedEx or UPS but there are pharmacies. The rules of shipment of goods for delivery you must find out in each pharmacy separately. Usually the shipment delivery takes place after a complete check of the order by the service quality and security payment.

Also, you can get a free trial version of any drugs. Usually the Nature of the bonus depends on the order quantity and its cost. This could be free products, or free shipping. Maybe a discount on future orders. When ordering you will have the opportunity to choose this bonus.


Normally, the shipment process takes from 7 to 15 business days worldwide (but no more than 3 weeks) and from 3 to 5 business days in case of US to US delivery. Your anonymity is our primary concern - we have streamlined the delivery process so that you don't have to sign for the receipt of the package - it will be put into your P.O. box. What we offer is a hassle-free delivery right at your doorstep. Products are delivered in inconspicuous package, what allows to keep confidentiality.

In case of non-delivery within 3 weeks, please feel free to contact us and notify us. We'll rectify the situation within 5 business days.


We highly value your trust and understand your confidentiality and anonymity concerns when placing an online order, that's why we will always send you the products in discreet packages, the outside of which doesn't contain any information about the package contents.


Our checkout form works with HTTPS protocol and has a verified SSL certificate. We use 256bit SSL secured pay page to process your orders. All orders send directly to bank and we do not store any private customers information on our side.

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