Sbc Workspace (2024)

1. SBC Workspace | Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

  • SBC Workspace is a web application co-created by mission entities as a way to receive and store statistical and biographical data of North Carolina churches ...


2. Annual Church Profile - California Southern Baptist Convention

  • Online. Login to the SBC Workspace with the username and password provided to your church via email and submit your church profile online. If you need ...

  • The Annual Church Profile (ACP) tracks baptisms, attendance, and giving statistics in Southern Baptist life. As your state convention and SBC entities seek to minister to needs of California churches, having accurate, up-to-date information is vital. The ACP information helps us evaluate needs, effectively plan events, prepare resources and allocate ministry funds. How to Participate […]

3. Annual Church Profiles - State Convention of Baptists in Indiana

4. [PDF] Instructions for Churches - Squarespace

  • To log on to SBC WORKSPACE, go to this website: (Note: https indicating a secure web site). Login with the Username and Password ...

5. Annual Church Profile (ACP)

  • This information helps us effectively plan events, prepare resources, allocate ministry funds and evaluate needs. Per the SBC bylaws, the SBC Credentials ...

  • ACP 2024 information will be announced late summer/early fall.

6. - Login · SBC Workspace -

  • provides SSL-encrypted connection. ADULT CONTENT INDICATORS. Availability or unavailability of the flaggable/ ...


7. 2023 Annual Church Profile - Arizona Mission Network

  • To access to SBC Workspace, you will need your churches SBC ID number and ... If you need that information please contact your associational office or our office.

  • Centennial Vision Report (ACP) Your church’s information helps us effectively plan events, prepare resources, allocate ministry funds, and evaluate needs. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this…

8. Annual Church Profile | Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

  • As your church completes the survey each year, you have access to data from prior year submissions at SBC Workspace and ChurchPOP. Complete ACP Online Now ...

  • Collecting vital statistical and biographical information from the churches and associations.

9. Annual Church Profile - ACP - Utah Idaho SBC

  • Check the list below. We have extended the submission deadline to February 29, 2024. For help with credentials to SBC Workspace, email

  • The Annual Church Profile (ACP) is an annual statistical report churches voluntarily submit to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Sbc Workspace (2024)
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