Splatoon 2: Salmon Run Guide (2024)

Welcome to our comprehensive Splatoon 2: Salmon Run Guide, designed to help you conquer one of the game’s most exhilarating modes! Dive into the chaotic world of Salmon Run, where teamwork and strategy are key to surviving waves of fierce Salmonid enemies. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know to excel, from Understanding Salmon Run Mechanics to mastering Key Strategies for Each Shift. Learn how to use your Abilities and Weapons Effectively, manage your Health and Resources like a pro, and Unlock Salmon Run Rewards that will make your efforts truly worthwhile. Ready to become a Salmon Run veteran? Let’s get started!

Understanding Salmon Run Mechanics#

Splatoon 2’s Salmon Run is an exciting co-op mode that pits you and three other players against waves of salmonids. It can look chaotic at first, but once you understand the mechanics, you’ll be splatting fish like a pro.

The Basics#

In Salmon Run, you and your teammates work for Grizzco Industries. Your mission? Collect Golden Eggs by defeating Boss Salmonids and return them to the egg basket before time runs out. Easy, right? Well, not exactly. Each wave gets tougher and brings different challenges.

Waves and Time Limits#

Salmon Run consists of three waves, each with a timer. Typically, each wave lasts about 100 seconds. If you don’t meet the egg quota within this time, you fail. Working together and staying focused on the objective is crucial.

Weapons and Rotations#

What makes Salmon Run unique is the weapon rotation. Instead of choosing your weapons, Grizzco assigns you a random loadout from a preset rotation. This changes every game, keeping things interesting. Mastering a variety of weapons can help you adapt to whatever Grizzco throws your way.

Understanding Boss Salmonids#

Boss Salmonids are the key to winning. There are several types, and each requires a different strategy:

  • Flyfish: These pesky enemies shoot missiles from afar. Use your bomb to take out both launchers.
  • Steel Eel: A long eel that follows one player. Attack the pilot at the end of the eel to defeat it.
  • Scrapper: This one is armored in the front. Lure it to chase you, then attack its exposed back.
  • Stinger: A tower-like Boss that shoots lasers. Take out the pots on each stack to defeat it.
  • Maws: It attacks from below. Throw a bomb into its mouth when it surfaces to take it down.

Special Events#

Sometimes, special events spice things up. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • The Griller: Focusing on one player, it’s like a laser-following Salmonid. Run away and let your team take it out.
  • Goldie-Seeking: Search for the hidden Goldie in the glowing crates. Keep an eye on how bright each crate glows to find the right one.
  • Mothership: Use the cannon to fend off the Mothership and its cohorts. Don’t let it reach the egg basket.
  • Cohock Charge: Cannons, again! Load up and splat the beefiest Salmonids as they march towards you.

Tips for Success#

  1. Stick together: Don’t swim off solo. Teamwork is key.
  2. Communication: Use signals. “This way” and “Booyah!” can be lifesavers.
  3. Manage Eggs: Prioritize collecting and securing Golden Eggs.
  4. Specials: Don’t hoard your special abilities. Use them wisely when things get hectic.
  5. Stay alive: Reviving teammates is crucial. Don’t be afraid to retreat and regroup.

Hazards and Maps#

Each map offers its own set of challenges, from high tide to low tide changing the battlefield. Familiarize yourself with the layout and pay attention to the tide changes. Stay vigilant and adaptable to keep ahead of the game.

By understanding these mechanics, you’ll improve not only your survival odds but also your chances of hitting those higher pay grades. Now, get out there, grab those Golden Eggs, and make Mr. Grizz proud!

Key Strategies for Each Shift#

Splatoon 2’s Salmon Run mode throws you into a co-op frenzy against waves of Salmonids. It can get pretty intense, so having a solid strategy is crucial. Whether you’re squiding around as a Newbie or you’re a seasoned Inkling, these tips will help you tackle each shift like a pro.

1. Communicate With Your Team#

Salmon Run is all about teamwork. You have to work together to collect Golden Eggs and fend off Salmonids. Use the “This Way!” and “Booyah!” commands to guide your teammates or signal for help. A quick “Help!” can save valuable time when you’re down. Good communication can turn a chaotic match into a well-oiled machine.

2. Know Your Roles#

Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses:

  • Long-Range Weapons (like Chargers): Great for taking out bosses from a distance.
  • Short-Range Weapons (like Rollers): Perfect for splatting smaller Salmonids and clearing paths.
  • Mid-Range Weapons (like Splattershots): Versatile and balanced, good for almost any situation.

Try to stick to what your weapon does best, but be flexible. If a teammate goes down or a boss becomes overwhelming, pivot as needed.

3. Manage Boss Salmonids#

Boss Salmonids can easily overrun the team if not dealt with swiftly. Focus on taking down bosses as soon as they appear. Some tips:

  • Steelhead: Aim for the bomb on its head before it throws it.
  • Flyfish: Use bombs to blow up its missile launchers. These guys can be a real pain if left alone.
  • Scrapper: Lure them to the shore, then attack from behind.

Knowing each boss’s weakness can make waves much easier to manage.

4. Collect and Deposit Golden Eggs#

Golden Eggs are the key to finishing each wave successfully. However, don’t just focus on grabbing eggs; you also need to transport them back to the basket. It’s all about balancing offense and collection duties.

  • Don’t Get Greedy: Sometimes it’s better to take one egg at a time rather than risk getting splatted.
  • Deposit Quickly: The quicker you get the eggs into the basket, the faster you can go back to fighting.

Work as a relay team to keep the flow of eggs steady.

5. Use Special Weapons Wisely#

Each Salmon Run shift gives you two special weapon uses. These can be life-savers during tricky situations. Don’t hoard them until the end—using them at the right moment can completely turn the tide of a wave.

  • Inkjet: Great for taking down tough bosses from the air.
  • Sting Ray: Can pierce through multiple enemies and walls, making it ideal for clustered foes.
  • Bomb Launcher: Good for handling swarms of Salmonids or taking down Flyfish launchers.

Use one special weapon if the team is overwhelmed, and save the other one for the final wave’s inevitable chaos.

6. Pay Attention to the Map#

Knowing the layout of each map can give you an edge. Certain maps have high ground or narrow choke points that can be advantageous or dangerous, depending on how they are used.

  • Spawn Points: Learn where different enemy types spawn so you can preemptively strike.
  • High Ground: Use it for a better vantage point and to snipe safely.
  • Chokepoints: Use bombs or rollers to clear these areas quickly.

7. Rank Progression and Pay Grade#

Your performance in Salmon Run affects your rank and pay grade. Higher pay grades offer better rewards but also more challenging enemies.

  • Keep Up: Try not to let your team get overwhelmed, as failing to collect enough eggs or being wiped out lowers your rank.
  • Focus on Objectives: Completing the main objective is more important than getting high kills.

Remember that higher ranks come with tougher challenges, so adapt your strategies as the difficulty ramps up.


Mastering these key strategies will help you tackle any Salmon Run shift with confidence. Communicate well, know your roles and your map, manage the bosses, and balance your offensive and collection duties. With these tips, you’ll be swimming in Golden Eggs in no time. Happy splatting!

Using Abilities and Weapons Effectively in Salmon Run#

Salmon Run in Splatoon 2 is an intense, fast-paced mode where teamwork and strategy are key. To make sure you and your team come out on top, you need to know how to use your abilities and weapons effectively. Here’s a detailed look at how to get the most out of everything in your arsenal.

Understanding Your Gear#

Before you jump into a match, it pays to understand what each ability and weapon can do. In Salmon Run, your gear is randomly assigned, but knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each piece can make a big difference.


  1. Shooter Weapons (Splattershot, N-ZAP ‘85, etc.)

    • Pros: Versatile, good for mid-range combat.
    • Cons: Not the best for long-range or very close quarters.
    • Tip: Use shooter weapons to cover ground quickly and take out smaller enemies. Aim for the weak points on Boss Salmonids.
  2. Charger Weapons (Splatterscope, E-liter 4K, etc.)

    • Pros: Great for long-range precision.
    • Cons: Slow to charge; not great for close combat.
    • Tip: Set up on high ground to take out Boss Salmonids from afar. Use your squids’ mobility to reposition when necessary.
  3. Roller Weapons (Splat Roller, Dynamo Roller, etc.)

    • Pros: Excellent for covering ground and dealing with groups of small enemies.
    • Cons: Slow and vulnerable during swings.
    • Tip: Rollers can take out groups of Chums and Smallfry with ease. Use vertical swings to hit Stingers and Flyfish weak points.
  4. Blaster Weapons (Luna Blaster, Range Blaster, etc.)

    • Pros: High damage and splash damage.
    • Cons: Slow fire rate.
    • Tip: Blasters are perfect for chaotic situations. Use them to deal damage to Boss Salmonids when they’re grouped up or have weak points exposed.

Leveraging Abilities#

Abilities in Salmon Run can make a huge difference to your survivability and effectiveness. While your main gear abilities are disabled in this mode, you get special abilities unique to your weapons and items.


  1. Bomb Launcher

    • Use: Great for crowd control or dealing massive damage to Boss Salmonids.
    • Tip: Save Bomb Launcher for the last wave or when you’re overwhelmed by mobs of enemies. Aim for clustered targets for maximum effect.
  2. Inkjet

    • Use: Lets you hover and shoot explosive projectiles.
    • Tip: Use Inkjet to target hard-to-reach Boss Salmonids like Stingers or Flyfish. Just be aware of your landing position!
  3. Sting Ray

    • Use: Fires a continuous laser beam through walls.
    • Tip: Use Sting Ray to pierce through crowds and hit Boss Salmonids from a safe distance. Coordination with your team is key to maximizing its potential.
  4. Splashdown

    • Use: Creates a powerful shockwave around you.
    • Tip: Perfect for clearing a path when surrounded. Use it to destroy multiple enemies or clear a landing zone in the middle of heavy ink.

Efficient Movement and Tactical Awareness#

Movement is crucial in Salmon Run. Slowing down means falling behind, and that can be deadly for your team.

  • Stay Mobile: Always be on the move to avoid getting surrounded. Swapping between squid and kid forms can help you cover distances quickly.
  • Cover Ground Efficiently: Use your ink to create pathways and escape routes. This can be especially important during high tide when space is limited.
  • Know the Map: Each map has its own layout and challenges. Familiarize yourself with key locations, like high ground, choke points, and egg baskets.

Working as a Team#

No squid is an island, especially in Salmon Run. Cooperation is key:

  • Communicate: Use the “This Way!” and “Booyah!” commands to coordinate with your team. Make sure everyone knows when a Boss Salmonid appears.
  • Revive Your Teammates: Always prioritize reviving downed team members. A full team is much more effective than trying to go solo.
  • Share the Load: If you have too many golden eggs to carry, share them! Ensure teammates are picking up eggs and bringing them back to the basket.

Handling Boss Salmonids#

Different Boss Salmonids require different tactics. Here’s a quick rundown of the most dangerous ones:

  • Steelhead: Aim for the bomb on its head. Use chargers or long-range weapons.
  • Flyfish: Destroy its missile launchers with bombs.
  • Stinger: Prioritize these Snipers. Take out each pot section by section.
  • Maws: Lure them to strike and then attack its exposed inside.

Mastering your abilities and weapons, maintaining good movement, and boosting teamwork are the cornerstones of surviving Salmon Run. Stick to these strategies, and you’ll be hauling in golden eggs like a pro!

Managing Health and Resources#

In Splatoon 2: Salmon Run, staying alive and making the best use of your resources is key to success. This mode can get chaotic fast, but with some strategies and tips, you’ll be splatting bosses and dodging Salmonids like a pro. Let’s break down the essentials for managing your health and resources effectively.

Keep Moving and Ink Your Turf#

Staying alive in Salmon Run largely depends on your movement. Standing still makes you an easy target for Salmonids and boss attacks. Keep swimming through your ink, and avoid enemy ink at all costs. It’s slower to walk through enemy ink, and it also makes you more vulnerable to attacks.

Covering the ground in your ink not only helps with mobility but is your lifeline. In your ink, you can swim faster, recover health, and recharge your ink supply faster. Always be mindful to ink up pathways and escape routes; you never know when a quick getaway might be necessary.

Work Together#

Salmon Run is a team effort, and working closely with your teammates can be a game-changer. Pay attention to where your teammates are and help each other out. Revive any fallen teammates by shooting them with ink. Sometimes focusing on getting a teammate back in action can be the difference between winning the wave and getting overwhelmed.

Communicate through the in-game signals when you need help or spot boss Salmonids. No squiddy soul is an island in Salmon Run; teamwork makes the dream work.

Ink Management#

Your ink is your primary resource, and running out can leave you in a tight spot. Efficient ink usage comes from balancing offense with defense. Always keep an eye on your ink gauge. When it gets low, retreat to a safe, inked area to refill.

Save special weapons for critical moments. Each match grants you two special weapons—use them wisely. When boss Salmonids crowd your team or you’re swarmed by lesser Salmonids, a special can clear them out quickly and give you some breathing room.

Utilize Boss Salmonid Rewards#

Boss Salmonids drop Golden Eggs when defeated, which are essential for meeting your egg quota each wave. Focus on taking them down efficiently and collecting the eggs. Quick tip: toss the eggs to a teammate if everyone is close to the basket for faster collection. Nobody wants to lose precious time running!

Be aware of how each boss needs to be dealt with. For example, Steelheads need to be shot at the bombs on their heads, while Flyfish require launching grenades into their bins. Knowing each boss’s weaknesses will help you take them down faster, save ink, and minimize the risk to your team.

Health Recovery#

You automatically recover health when you’re submerged in your ink, so dive in to heal up if you take damage. If you’re in a pinch and can’t find a safe spot to recover, call for help, and your teammates can cover you until you’re back in the game.

Avoid reckless gameplay; it’s better to fall back and regroup than to go down in an overzealous attack. Remember, a dead squid can’t collect Golden Eggs.

Weapon Strategies#

Each wave in Salmon Run equips players with different weapons, which means you need to adapt your strategy continuously. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon in the rotation. For instance, rollers can be great for inking wide areas and splatting smaller Salmonids quickly, while chargers are excellent for targeting bosses from a distance.

Map roles based on the weapons your team has. If you have a charger, that player should focus on bosses that need pinpoint accuracy, while a splattershot user covers the team from swarms of enemies.

Egg Basket Defense#

The egg basket is your most important spot on the map. When bosses are down, steer those Golden Eggs towards the basket quickly. However, keeping the area around the basket clear of enemies is equally important. You don’t want to be overrun right when you’re about to make the drop. Rotate team members to defend the basket during intense waves.

Mastering health and resource management in Salmon Run takes practice and coordination. Use these strategies to stay alive, keep your ink flowing, and secure those Golden Eggs. Remember, every match is a team effort—stick together, and you’ll reel in success!

Unlocking Salmon Run Rewards#

If you’re diving into Splatoon 2, chances are you’ve heard about Salmon Run. It’s this super fun co-op mode where you and your squid pals face off against waves of nasty Salmonids. But, let’s get to the good stuff – the rewards! Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking those sweet, sweet prizes in Salmon Run.

Earning Points and Rewards#

So, here’s the deal – in Salmon Run, you earn Grizzco Points for completing shifts. These points are your key to unlocking the loot. After finishing a shift, head over to the Grizzco terminal, and you’ll see your earned points and rewards based on your performance. There are a few key things to be aware of:

  1. Shift Completion: You get points every time you complete a shift, even if you don’t finish all the waves. Yeah, even if it’s just one!
  2. Golden Eggs: The number of Golden Eggs you collect plays a big part in how many points you bag – more eggs mean more points!
  3. Bonus Meter: The more shifts you do, the higher your bonus meter climbs. Higher meters mean better rewards, so keep at it!

Different Reward Tiers#

The reward system is broken up into different tiers or milestones. Each milestone gives better rewards. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • 0-99 Points: Basic gear and some Cash.
  • 100-199 Points: More gear and better Cash rewards.
  • 200-299 Points: Top-tier gear like Headgear and Clothing, plus more Cash.
  • 1000+ Points: You’ll start receiving tickets for Crust Bucket, chunks for ability upgrades, and even more exclusive gear…

The more you play, the better the rewards – so there’s plenty of incentive to keep those shifts coming.

Types of Rewards#

There are several types of rewards you can get. Let’s look at some of the most common:

  • Cash: Perfect for upgrading gear and buying new items.
  • Gear: Special outfits unique to Salmon Run that you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Ability Chunks: Use these to customize and boost your gear abilities.
  • Meal Tickets: Use these at the Crust Bucket to get special XP bonuses.

Special Gear and How to Get It#

Every month, Salmon Run features a special piece of gear you can earn. This gear is always unique and exclusive to Salmon Run. Pay attention to the monthly rotation at Grizzco to make sure you don’t miss out on this must-have swag.

To get the special gear:

  1. Check the Gear: Whenever you visit the terminal, make sure you see what the current special gear is.
  2. Rack Up Points: Play plenty of shifts to reach the reward tier where the special gear is given away.
  3. Collect: Once you’ve hit the milestone, just collect it from the terminal.

Pro Tips for Maximizing Rewards#

If you’re looking to maximize your rewards and climb those tiers fast, check out these tips:

  • Team Up: Playing with friends you can communicate with will make it easier to strategize and cover each other.
  • Learn Boss Patterns: Boss Salmonids have specific weaknesses. Learning these can help you take them down faster and grab their Golden Eggs.
  • Don’t Hog the Eggs: Share the Golden Eggs. Focus on teamwork to meet the quota faster.
  • Rescue Teammates: Fallen teammates can be revived. Keep an eye out and help them. The more you help, the more efficient you’ll be.

Salmon Run is easily one of the coolest parts of Splatoon 2, and with these tips, you’ll be swimming in rewards in no time. Get out there, grab your gear, and show those Salmonids who’s boss!

Splatoon 2: Salmon Run Guide (2024)
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